Ealing Music and Film Festival 2021

Sadly, this year we simply cannot celebrate with a festival - as we have in previous years. However, nothing changes the fact that Ealing, as everyone agrees, has a massive world-class heritage of music and film. Our musical traditions include rock, classical, jazz and voice; our film studios defined the British Film Industry; all around the Borough, streets, houses and parks are used for location shoots.

We believe that Ealing's cultural past has come full circle and our cultural present is all the stronger for it. There is now an incredibly rich and growing heritage for us to include in terms of both composers and performers - of all genres and ages. With this in mind, we always have an eye on our local young performers, showing them what they can achieve and using the surplus we aim to generate to give scholarships and grants to young artists in the Borough to give them the support they need to develop their skills.

The Festival is organised by a charitable trust formed by a small group local residents. Our aim for 2021 is, no surprise, different to our previous 10 years where we have focused on planning and staging each festival and then supporting our young artistic community. We are still looking to give this support, where we can within the bounds of the lockdowns and restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. As we said last year, looking to the future, we are delighted to announce that we are forming a long term partnership with the University of West London, specifically the London College of Music based here in Ealing. This will enable us to expand both our range of events and also our charitable outreach to young artists in Ealing.

Thank you in anticipation of your continuing support in the years ahead!