Ealing Music and Film (Valentine) Festival 2017

Welcome to our website highlighting our fifth programme

Ealing, as everyone agrees, has a massive world-class heritage of music and film. Our musical traditions include Rock, Classic, Jazz and Voice; our film studios defined the British Film Industry; all around the Borough, streets, houses and parks are used for location shoots. This year - our fifth - we are again focusing our programme of music and film around the theme of Ealing's Cultural Heart. We believe that our cultural past has come full circle and our cultural present is all the stronger for it. There is now an incredibly rich and growing heritage for us to include in terms of both composers and performers - of all genres and ages.

Therefore our aim this year, as before, is to bring together world famous musicians, actors, film producers and a host of celebrated local performers to give us all an insight into their artistic world, bringing their talents to as wide an audience as possible - and inspire our younger generations to keep building on our heritage.

Please remember that The Festival Trust's charitable aim is to invest any surplus from the festival in helping young local people develop their cultural skills and awareness through targeted support to projects, local schools and youth organisations. As in previous years we are focusing on young players and artists, and we include some in the programme as part of our charitable outreach support and investment in the young talent in Ealing. With this in mind, we are again including some free events within the overall festival programme on Wednesday Lunchtime and Wednesday Evening, giving young local people the opportunity to showcase their talent. We also have included a unique opportunity to sit in on the rehearsal of our Sunday afternoon concert, free or for a very modest cost.

This year we are also exploring a new avenue: local Ealing film locations. The Island Triangle, as it is known is seen as the backdrop to numerous films, TV programmes and music videos. Have a quick look at this trailer:

For details of our box office and ticketing, please click here. We have further improved the ticket choices and the detailed information that is printed with each confirmation, and kept transaction costs to a minimum.

As before, we also have a dedicated helpline phone number available - details are on the contact page.