As ever, we have a mix of music lined up for the Festival ranging from a piano recital and a concert by the Tippett Quartet with Tamsin Waley-Cohen (violin) and Julian Gallant (piano) to an evening of Soulful Blues at the Ealing Club Red Room, and taking in our two orchestras, Ealing Symphony Orchestra and Ealing Youth Orchestra playing with talented young world class solist Akito Goto (cello), closing with the Love2sing choir and the LCM Junior College

We have local and world famous performers playing world famous music - with a programme of popular music that we are sure will keep playing 'in your head', if not encouraging you to hum gently along during the performances!

All in all we expect there should be something for everyone - irrespective of age or preferred taste/genre!

Please use the main menu to access details of each specific event.