Prequel Programme (November 2019)

We have developed our annual festival programme each year - using the long gap February to February to plan the next festival (and also to take a brief rest!), and additionally to stage outreach events with local schools across Ealing as a direct charitable benefit of the festival, our audiences and our sponsors. This has worked very well. Now, following our successful prequels in the last two years, we again are using the gap for additional performances as tasters for the main festival.

This year we are using our new partnership with the University of West London and London College of Music as the platform for the prequels. Indeed, come and talk to us before the Jazz Concert - we will be in Freddie's Bar or the newly refurbished café at UWL to discuss our plans for the 2020 Festival and the future.

Together, we have organised two concerts on the 27th November - at lunchtime and in the evening. Two complementary genres of music. The first, as in the last two years, centres on classical music - the second on jazz. Both concerts will be held on the UWL Ealing campus.

Pan, featuring LCM PhD flute student Ashley Westmacott and accompanied by Sally Goodworth on piano, explores Debussy’s flute music and the mythology around this. The programme will feature Debussy’s Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune, Syrinx, Les Chansons de Bilitis, as well as a solo flute piece written by Alexander Ford which took inspiration from Syrinx titled Pan

The Evening of Jazz is always an exciting event for the LCM so we are delighted to be a part of the evening. This year they will be showcasing classic jazz standards, up-beat funk and modern original compositions. There will be some excellent musicians performing - demonstrating just how promising the Ealing Jazz scene is. 

We hope therefore to see you at lunchtime for Debussy and in the evening for Jazz (and again between 12th and 16th February for our main Festival).