Prequel Concerts (November 2017)

We have developed our annual festival programme each year - using the long gap February to February to plan the next festival (and also to take a brief rest!), and additionally to stage outreach events with local schools across Ealing as a direct charitable benefit of the festival, our audiences and our sponsors.

This has worked very well. Now we want to use the gap to include additional performances as tasters for the future festival.

So this year, we have two special concerts, both to be held in the beautiful surroundings of St Mary's Church - a location that we have found to be very intimate and ideally suited to smaller chamber music events. The first is a Piano Recital, two and four hands - the second is an accompanied Vocal Recital. Both will be a delight to the senses!

We hope to see you there (and again between 7th and 11th February for the main Festival!)