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 Click here for our Box Office 

How the e-ticketing system works

The whole system is electronic and works much as the airline industry; there are no physical tickets.  Our Box Office is powered by TicketTailor, a system developed by an independent specialist software company, and payments are processed by PayPal. This means that the payment will show as a PayPal payment (PAYPAL *EMFF TICKET) on your credit/debit card statement or PayPal account.

Buying tickets

When you click on any of the links pointing to tickets, you go to the box office page, as shown on the left, which gives a complete list of tickets from which you select those you want, all in one transaction.  You can of course go to the box office more than once, as some people prefer to do, but we have to charge 25p per order (and a small, 2%, uplift on each ticket) to help cover our admin and website costs.

Having made your selection the next screen asks for your name, address, phone number and email.  We need this to identify and contact you; please complete it in full.  You are then passed to PayPal for the payment - and have the choice of using a credit/debit card or, if you have one, through your PayPal account. To pay by credit/debit card you should click on the link "Pay by Credit or Debit Card" or "Check out as a Guest" that shows on the PayPal screen. Payments will ultimately show on your credit/debit/paypal statement as "PAYPAL *EMFF TICKET"

PLEASE NOTE: we will systematically withdraw tickets from sale a few hours before the start of each event.

Your ticket

Once you have made your payment, you will return to the Box Office and will see an "e-ticket" confirmation with your unique entry number in the form "nn-nnnn" (e.g. 93-0070).  You are asked to write down and remember this number (together with your name and postcode).  You will also receive an email that has virtually the same information - we recommend EITHER you save this on your smartphone and bring with you to each performance you have booked OR print it and bring it with you.

We do not issue any physical tickets.

Entry to an event

At the door to all our events, we will have a list of all ticket holders.  We will ask you for your name and, possibly, postcode. This information will be checked to our list and will confirm that you have paid.